ninkend0 is a music producer and dj based in los angeles, ca.


NinKend0 is the bass heavy result of a lifetime of Metal and Rock seeping in through the years of running a recording studio until the lawless World of EDM took ahold of his interest. As his no rules Metal attitude sunk it's teeth into a world where there basically are none to begin with, a whole new plane of creation was born. Having the background in bands and working his studio has the additional quality of creating cooperation mentality and collaboration opportunities and he certainly doesn't squander them as you can see with the immense amount of support bringing his first album to life.

His new album, Ante Meridiem blends the aforementioned elements into a test site for an explosion of bass, vocals, and vibes for days and this break out album is bursting with the kind of flavor that makes each track a listening experience from start to finish. From massive dance floor Grime in 'Bet It's Money' through driving inspirational feels in 'Zero Gravity' to straight anthems such as 'Galaxy'. For a first album, NinKend0 wastes no time getting it right in the realm of the most cutting edge Trap and Future right out of the gate. This album has a little something for any mood, any time of day, on or off the dance floor.